2019 Compact Rules

Compact Rules 2019
Patch Plate Rule
Fresh Cars – 2 3x5x1/4” Plates allowed anywhere on car
Pre-Ran Cars – 6 3x5x1/4” Plates allowed anywhere on car
1. Cars can be powered by a 4 or 6 cylinder engine.
2. 108” FWD and 106” RWD Maximum wheelbase
3. No shortening of cars to achieve wheelbase limits.
4. No full frame cars.
5. If 4x4 cars are used, front or rear drive shaft must be removed.
6. No sedagons.
7. Batteries must be located in passenger compartment. TWO Batteries are allowed.
8. Cars MUST have working seatbelt and brakes. MANDATORY!
9. You must pass inspection within 3 times or you will not be allowed to run.
1. No body seams may be welded
2. No doubling of body panels allowed
3. Fenders may be bolted together. Max of 10 3/8” Bolts Above Fender Well Only!
4. Doors may be chained, wired or welded. 3” x 1/4" x 6” plates. 6 inches on 6 inches off.
5. You must have an 8”x8” inspection hole in trunk lid.
6. Rust repair is limited to floor boards and roof only. Patch metal must be same thickness as floor board. 1” overlap to good metal outside of rust area. Do Not abuse this rule or you will cut.
7. Front Windshield Bar is MANDATORY. It is limited to a 2” wide x 1/4" thick strap or a chain/9 wire loop
8. Body creasing is ok.
Radiator and Core Support
1. Radiator must be in stock position
2. Any automotive type radiator can be used. Aluminum Radiators are LEGAL.
3. NO Homemade Radiators Allowed
4. No Reserve Tanks and No Added Cooling Capacity.
5. One Electric Fan, Mounted to Radiator may be used
6. Do Not Move Core Support
7. Factory condenser or 32” wide by 1/4" thick mesh radiator protector is allowed
1. You can have (8) 2” long pieces of 2” x 2” angle with a single 3/8” bolt thru them.
2. Hoods must have 2 holes, at least 4 inches in diameter on each side of the carburetor. If hood is removed, either the fan or the fan belt must be removed.
3. Hoods MUST open at inspection.
4. Hoods may be secured by 2 pieces of all thread thru core support. 1” diameter max. Cannot be sleeved.
1. You may use 4 pieces of all thread to secure the trunk lid. All thread can go thru rear frame or be welded to side of frame. If going thru the frame the washers may be no larger than 3” in diameter. No sleeving all thread and no nuts directly under trunk lid.
2. Trunk Lid MUST remain on hinges.
4. You can have 4 pieces of #9 wire from trunk to rear bumper.
5. Trunk can be welded down with 2” by 1/8” thick strapping. No layering or excessive overlap of pieces.
1. All cars MUST have a cage and roll over bar. 4” pipe or 4” x 4” square tubing MAX. THIS IS FOR DRIVER SAFETY.
2. A 4-point cage is required and limited to 4 points only. Your cage must have a dash bar that must be 4” from the firewall. Your cage must have a bar behind the driver’s seat no more than 12” away from it. You must have (2) side bars and they must not be farther than the rear wheel humps and must not extend past your dash bar. The side bars must not be welded to the rear humps.
3. Roll over bar cannot be more than 12” behind driver’s seat. It may be connected by one of the following options: 1) can be welded to top of rear frame. 2) can be welded to rear sheet metal, you may use a 6” x 6” plate 1/4" thick to aid in attaching bar. It can be welded or bolted. Roll over bar may be bolted to roof.
4. The cage can be welded to sheet metal only. You can have up to four (4) down posts, two (2) per side. You must have a dash bar, a cross bar behind the seat and two (2) door cross bars. Nothing can be ran between the rear wheel humps or welded to the humps.
1. No welding, plating or reinforcing of the frame.
2. ALL factory frame holes must be left open.
3. You can shorten front frame only to aid in mounting front bumper. (no shortening beyond core support)
4. You are allowed ONE of the following options, a 10” bumper shock max 2” diameter OR 3/8” PLATE 10” long 3” tall. Must attach to bumper. You pick top, side, or bottom of frame. Bumper shock can be internal. We will drill frame to check. If plate is used it must be external
5. You cannot “stub” or shorten front or rear of car body or frame.
1. Any year bumper permitted. All bumper seams may be welded, bumpers may be loaded, and bumper must be a factory car bumper. Store bought homemade bumpers are allowed YNW or DEC.
2. YOU MAY BOLT A CHAIN FROM BUMPER TO BUMPER SHOCK on THE FRAME 3/8 MAX or weld a piece of strap (6"x 1/4") from frame to bumper 1" overlap on each end.
This is to aid in keeping bumpers off the track.
3. Maximum bumper height 22” to bottom. Minimum bumper height 14” to bottom.
Engine / Transmission
1. Any 4 or 6-cylinder engine allowed. Must be mounted within 6” of factory motor position. Engines cannot protrude into the passenger compartment before the race.
3. Front wheel drive cars can weld motor mounts and replace the top mounts with 2x2 square tube factory length. (not to be used to strengthen the car In any way.)
4. Transmission oil coolers and engine oil coolers are permitted. They must be secure and contained and covered inside the car, for the driver’s protection.
5. Pulley Protectors are allowed, but sway bar must be removed or not able to touch before or after race.
6. Slider shafts are allowed.
7. NO Distributor Protectors 
8. OEM crossmember or 2” x 2” square tube. Factory Style Rubber Transmission Mount must be used.
9. HOMEMADE Gas Pedals and Shifters Are Allowed
Gas Tank and Fuel Pump
1. Stock gas tank MUST be removed from original position and mounted in the rear seat area and secured. No rubber or chain straps. All tanks must have a secure cap. A marine tank or fuel cell is strongly recommended. All lines and fitting must be leak proof and meet approval of the track officials. Electric fuel pumps are allowed.
2. All lines must be run inside car, not along the frame underneath.
3. All lines should be double clamped.
1. Suspension must be original factory suspension for that car. SPRING SPACERS ARE ALLOWED
2. Aftermarket Tie rods are allowed
3. You cannot convert front suspension. IE: Factory strut car must remain factory strut. Factory A arm car must remain factory A arm.
4. You cannot convert rear suspension from coil to leaf. You cannot convert front suspension from coil to leaf.
5. You may weld front struts solid with single bead of weld, struts can be sleeved. A-arm cars get 4" total of strap 2" wide 1/4" thick to secure a-arms down per a-arm.
6. Coil spring cars may not substitute pipe or tube for spring.
7. any automotive rear end.
8. On leaf sprung cars, no more than 5 springs allowed per side and must be mounted in factory location with factory style hardware. You may have five (5) spring clamps per spring. Maximum 1" wide 1/4 thick. The leafs must have a 2” stagger front and rear.
9. You can shorten trailing arms, use minimum overlap and weld. NO doubling or reinforced trailing arms.
10. If factory equipped with rear “quad shocks” (Mustang fox bodies) they must be removed.
1. Black rubber and round.
2. Wheels, 19” max beadlock or rim guard.
3. Weld in centers/Multi center are ok
4. Valve stem protectors are ok
If it doesn’t say you can do it, don’t assume that you can.
ASK first or don’t do it!
Everybody needs to read and re-read these rules.
If you are found to be over built for these rules, you will be given 2 options.
Either way you will NOT RECEIVE A REFUND.