2020 Mini Madness Rules

1. Any American or foreign made mini pick up, mini van, compact SUV, midsize FWD type vehicles permitted.
2. any 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder engine. (if it has a dp or mid plate, the firewall must be cut wide as the headers or engine block.)
4. Fuel tanks must be located in the bed of the trucks in the center of the bed directly behind cab. Fuel cells must be securely fastened and covered. Mini Vans must be mounted inside in a safe manner between the 2nd row doors. (NO FACTORY GAS TANKS)
5. Battery must be moved inside and mounted in a safe manner.
6. All trucks/Vans must have seat belts.
7. Doors, tailgates, and hatches must be secured by wire, chain, or welded shut no loose doors permitted. 6 on 6 off.
9. Box and cab mounts may be replaced with up to 1” bolts body mounts may be removed. The body bolts may go all the way through the frame and floor of truck/mini van.
10. No trailer hitches or reinforcements of frame or body of any kind permitted.
11 May use any loaded factory car bumper or homemade bumper that is 6x6 box tube with no more than a 4” point over a 32” wide span. For mounting of car bumpers you may use factory bumper shocks and brackets or a 3” X 3” X 6” long box steel or like wise material.
12. Hoods must be in place and must have a 12” X 12” hole cut in hood over carburetor/engine
13. Hoods may be wired or bolted shut in 8 locations. Bolts can be up to 3/4” wire double strands of wire permitted all can go to frame or bumper see full-size rules.
14. No 4 wheel drives permitted 4 wheel drives must have front drive shaft removed.
15. Tires black and round
16. Beds must be welded to cab of trucks with a 3” strap directly behind doors.
17. 8 double strands of wire permitted on front and rear of truck all permitted to go to frame
18. Front suspension may be solid with 2x2 straps on a-arms or solid spacer on the strut/ welded strut. No homemade struts. All other suspension must remain factory. (tie rods, ball joints, rack and pinion etc)
19. A 4 point cage is highly recommended in drivers compartment for drivers safety. The cage in the cab may have 4 down legs from front and rear bar straight down to the top of frame. Also a gas tank protector is highly recommended. Protector may attach to frame but may not extend further than 24” from the front of the bed.
20. Trucks must set level no pulling down rear of the truck. No smashing of the bed sides will be permitted. You must use factory springs for make and model of truck. You may use chain on rear axle to secure ride height.
21. You may run aftermarket or homemade steering column, floor mount brake pedal, gas pedal, shifter, trans cooler, slider drive shaft, and carb conversions are ok.